Item Availability

Most products shown here on this web site are in stock and ready for shipping from our two locations. However, with about seven thousand definable products some may be out of stock when you order. Although we try our best to keep everything in stock, that has never been possible. If this happens with your order we will endeavor to make and ship that product to you within two weeks of your order date. If this is not acceptable to you, we will be happy to refund just that part of your order or your whole order, whichever is your preference.

You may wish to first send us an e-mail list of items requested and we can check availability.
If so, be sure to let us know if you are a USA customer or an international customer as that will determine where your product is shipped from.

Thank you for your understanding.
Angel Wings
1789-W White MOP $40.00
1789-G Gold MOP $43.00
Bear Peg Head Inlays
1671-W White MOP $25.00
1671-G Gold MOP $28.00
1671-P Paua Abalone $32.00
Bear Tracks Fret Board Inlays
1672-W White MOP $70.00
1672-G Gold MOP $73.00
1672-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
1672-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Bird on Branch Peghead
1817-WG White, Gold & Black MOP $66.00
1817-WB Paua Abalone, White & Black MOP $70.00
1817-B Black MOP & Paua Abalone $70.00
Butterfly Style 1
1714-G Gold MOP & White MOP $45.00
1714-P Paua Abalone & White MOP $45.00
1714-B Black MOP & White MOP $45.00
Butterfly Style 2 Set
1713-W White MOP $40.00
1713-G Gold MOP $40.00
1713-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $45.00
Style 1
1666-M Paua Abalone, Bronze, White & Gold MOP $55.00
Style 2
1667-M Bronze, White & Gold MOP $45.00
Do not Tread On Me
1655-W White MOP $32.00
1655-G Gold MOP $33.00
1655-P Paua Abalone $37.00
Dolphin Peg Head Inlay
1685-W White MOP & Paua Abalone Eye $30.00
1685-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone Belly & Eye $33.00
1685-P Paua Abalone & White MOP Eye $40.00
1685-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP Belly & Eye $43.00
Dolphin Fret Board Inlay
2518-W White MOP & Paua Abalone Eye $70.00
2518-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone Belly & Eye $73.00
2518-P Paua Abalone & White MOP Eye $80.00
2518-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP Belly & Eye $83.00
Dove With Leaf Inlay
1658-W White MOP $25.00
1658-M White & Gold MOP with Paua Abalone $29.00
Dove With Wreath Inlay
1659-W White MOP $30.00
1659-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $32.00
1659-WP White & Gold MOP with Paua Abalone $34.00
Dragon & Crystal Ball
1774-W White & Gold MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $50.00
1774-G Gold & White MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $50.00
1774-P Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $60.00
Dragon Peg Head Inlay
1703-M Lil-Dragon, Pre-Engraved White MOP & Paua Abalone $65.00
Dragon Slayer Peg Head Inlay
1760-W White MOP $67.00
1760-G Gold MOP $71.00
1760-P Paua Abalone $82.00
Eagle Head Inlay, Pre-Engraved
1647-M Mixed Shell $53.00
Eagle in Flight
1648-Bz Bronze, White & Gold MOP $50.00
1648-B Black, White and Gold MOP $50.00
Eagle With Flag
1649-M Bronze, White & Gold MOP with Red Coral & Dark Lapis ReCon Stone $58.00
Flying Duck
1646-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $50.00
Flying Ducks & Moon
1793-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $40.00
1793-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $45.00
Right Facing
1668-R Bronze, White, Gold & Black MOP $45.00
Left Facing
1668-L Bronze, White, Gold & Black MOP $45.00
French Style Dragon Peghead
1795-W White MOP $55.00
1795-M Mixed Shell $65.00
Frog, Pre-Engraved
1605-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone Eye $45.00
Galloping Horse Peghead Inlay
1773-W White MOP $28.00
1773-G Gold MOP $29.00
1773-P Paua Abalone $33.00
Gecko Style 1 Peg Head
1686-W White MOP $22.00
1686-G Gold MOP $23.00
1686-Bz Bronze MOP $25.00
1686-P Paua Abalone $30.00
Gecko Style 2 Peg Head
1687-W White MOP $28.00
1687-G Gold MOP $30.00
1687-P Paua Abalone $38.00
Gecko Style 3 Peg Head
1688-W White MOP With Paua Ab Dots $48.00
1688-G Gold MOP With Paua Ab Dots $50.00
1688-P Paua Abalone With Paua Ab Heart Dots $58.00
Blue Heron
1663-BM Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP Pre-Engraved $60.00
White Heron
1663-WM Black, White & Gold MOP Pre-Engraved $60.00
Howling Wolf & Moon Style 1
3720-W White MOP $30.00
3720-G Gold MOP $34.00
One Color
3721-W White MOP $40.00
3721-G Gold MOP $44.00
3721-P Paua Abalone $53.00
Two Color
3721-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $50.00
3721-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $50.00
3721-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $56.00
Howling Wolf & Moon Style 3
3722-W White MOP $30.00
3722-G Gold MOP $34.00
3722-P Paua Abalone $43.00
Humming Bird A
1656-A White MOP $40.00
Humming Bird B
1656-B Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $43.00
Humming Bird C
1656-C Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $47.00
Ixthus Inlay
1683-W White MOP $20.00
1683-G Gold MOP $21.00
1683-P Paua Abalone $25.00
Killer Whale
1798-BW Black MOP & White MOP $30.00
Lion Heads Inlay
1676-SmR Small Lion Head, Right Facing $55.00
1676-SmL Small Lion Head, Left Facing $55.00
1676-LgR Large Lion Head, Right Facing $55.00
1676-LgL Large Lion Head, Left Facing $55.00
1800-W White MOP $30.00
1800-G Gold MOP $32.00
1800-P Paua Abalone $37.00
Moon & Owl
1783-W White MOP $29.00
1783-G Gold MOP $33.00
Mustang Peg Head Inlays
1689-W White MOP $38.00
1689-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $40.00
1689-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $48.00
1689-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $43.00
New Dragon Peghead
1811-W White MOP $30.00
1811-G Gold MOP $33.00
1811-P Paua Abalone $40.00
North West Indian Eagle Design
1802-W White MOP $35.00
1802-P Paua Abalone $40.00
1802-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $48.00
North West Indian Orca Design
1788-W White MOP $35.00
1788-P Paua Abalone $40.00
1788-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $45.00
North West Indian Salmon Design
1797-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $45.00
Orca style 1
1787-BW Black MOP & White MOP $40.00
Owl Inlays, Pre-Engraved
1664-M Mixed Shell $57.00
Panther Heads Inlays
1677-M Black Panther Head $50.00
1803-M Mixed Shell $48.00
Peacock Inlays Style 1
1642-W All White MOP $50.00
1642-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $55.00
Peacock Inlays Style 2
1643-W All White MOP $50.00
1643-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $55.00
Peacock Inlays Style 3
1644-W All White MOP $50.00
1644-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $55.00
Peacock Inlays Style 4
1645-W All White MOP $50.00
1645-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $55.00
Peg Head
1815-W White MOP $40.00
1815-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $50.00
1815-BW White MOP & Black MOP $53.00
1815-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $60.00
1816-W White MOP $90.00
1816-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $100.00
1816-BW White MOP & Black MOP $105.00
1816-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $113.00
Rider on Horse
1827-W White MOP $27.00
1827-P Paua Abalone $38.00
Sea Turtles Design
1794-W White MOP $38.00
1794-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $50.00
Seagull Moon peghead
1813-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $55.00
1813-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $63.00
Silhouette Dove Inlay
1660-W White MOP $20.00
1660-G Gold MOP $21.00
1660-P Paua Abalone $25.00
Left Facing
1657-L-W White MOP $9.00
1657-L-G Gold MOP $10.00
1657-L-P Paua Abalone $13.00
Right Facing
1657-R-W White MOP $9.00
1657-R-G Gold MOP $10.00
1657-R-P Paua Abalone $13.00
Snake Style 1 (coiled)
1650-BzG Bronze & Gold MOP $55.00
Snake Style 2 Fret Board or Peg Head
1651-Bz Bronze MOP, Pink & White MOP $55.00
1651-P Paua Abalone, Pink, White & Black MOP $60.00
Sparrow Peg Head
1828-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $55.00
1828-PB Black MOP & Paua Abalone $65.00
Stalking Panther
1678-M Stalking Black Panther $60.00
Stalking Tiger
1675-M Mixed Shell $85.00
The Elephant Head
1674-M Black MOP Body, White MOP Tusks, Paua Abalone Eye $65.00
The Linden Shark
1680-M Mixed Shell $37.00
The Nautilus Inlays
1684-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $52.00
1684-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $52.00
1684-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $52.00
The Walking Elephant
1673-M Black MOP Body, White MOP Tusks, Paua Abalone Eye $65.00
Three Fish Inlays
1681-W White MOP $40.00
1681-G Gold MOP $42.00
1681-B Black MOP $44.00
1681-P Paua Abalone $48.00
Three Humming Birds Peg Head Inlay
1745-W White MOP $45.00
1745-G White MOP & Gold MOP $47.00
1745-P Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $53.00
Three Humming Birds Fret Board Inlay
2530-W White MOP $70.00
2530-G White MOP & Gold MOP $72.00
2530-P Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $80.00
Tribal Turtle
1834-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $35.00
1834-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $38.00
1834-W White MOP $33.00
1834-P Paua Abalone $39.00
Turtle Wave
1826-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $35.00
1826-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $35.00
Turtle Wave Style 2
1835-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $35.00
1835-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $38.00
Turtles Inlays
3506-W White MOP $30.00
3506-G Gold MOP $32.00
3506-Bz Bronze MOP $34.00
3506-P Paua Abalone $38.00
3506-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $33.00
3506-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $34.00
3506-BzP Bronze MOP & Paua Abalone $36.00
Unicorns or Horses
1712-W White MOP $38.00
1712-G Gold MOP $40.00
1712-P Paua Abalone $47.00
1682-W White MOP $23.00
1682-B Black MOP $25.00
1682-P Paua Abalone $30.00
Style A
1777-W All White MOP $50.00
Style B
1777-WB White & Black MOP, Paua Abalone Eye $55.00
Wolf Head Inlays
1669-B Black, White and Gold MOP $50.00
1669-Bz Bronze, White, Black & Gold MOP $50.00


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DePaule Supply USA has been the major supplier for luthiers (Stringed Instrument Makers, Guitar Builders) of Shell Blanks, Custom Shell Inlay Work, Custom Shell Logos, Pre-Cut and Pre-Engraved Shell Inlays since March of the year 2000. Owned and operated by Sam & Buddy Lee DePaule since September 2011. 
We are still able to have shell Inlays and Shell Blanks sold and shipped overseas from our affiliate office in Viet Nam.
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