Item Availability

Most products shown here on this web site are in stock and ready for shipping from our two locations. However, with about seven thousand definable products some may be out of stock when you order. Although we try our best to keep everything in stock, that has never been possible. If this happens with your order we will endeavor to make and ship that product to you within two weeks of your order date. If this is not acceptable to you, we will be happy to refund just that part of your order or your whole order, whichever is your preference.

You may wish to first send us an e-mail list of items requested and we can check availability.
If so, be sure to let us know if you are a USA customer or an international customer as that will determine where your product is shipped from.

Thank you for your understanding.
Angel Moon
1832-W White MOP $32.00
Angel Wings
1789-W White MOP $40.00
1789-G Gold MOP $43.00
Areca Leaves Peg Head
#1824-W White MOP $47.00
#1824-P Paua Abalone $57.00
Baby Moon
1831-W White MOP $32.00
Bamboo 1 Peghead & Fretboard Inlay Set
3324-W All White MOP $170.00
3324-1-GG Gold MOP & Green Re-Con Stone $190.00
3324-BzP C. Bronze MOP & Paua Abalone $190.00
3324-2-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $190.00
3324-3-GBz Gold MOP & Bronze MOP* $180.00
Bamboo Moon
1790-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $50.00
Bird on Branch Peghead
1817-WG White, Gold & Black MOP $66.00
1817-WB Paua Abalone, White & Black MOP $70.00
1817-B Black MOP & Paua Abalone $70.00
Bonsai Moon
1791-W White MOP $30.00
1791-G Gold MOP $33.00
Small Size
1766-W White MOP $35.00
1766-M White & Gold MOP with Paua Abalone $40.00
Medium Size
1767-W White MOP $40.00
1767-M White & Gold MOP with Paua Abalone $45.00
Large Size
1768-W White MOP $45.00
1768-M White & Gold MOP with Paua Abalone $50.00
Celtic Three Leaf Clover Peg Head
1836-WWF White MOP & White Figured MOP $40.00
1836-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $50.00
1836-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $53.00
1836-WGr White MOP & Green Re-Con Stone $45.00
1836-GGr Gold MOP & Green Re-Con Stone $48.00
Celtic Tree of Life
1837-W White MOP $35.00
1837-G Gold MOP $37.00
1837-P Paua Abalone $40.00
1837-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $50.00
1837-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $50.00
Left Facing
1792-L-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $50.00
1792-L-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $55.00
Right Facing
1792-R-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $50.00
1792-R-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $55.00
Cherry Blossom Branch Style 2
#1823-M White MOP & Bronze MOP, Paua Abalone $50.00
Cherry Blossom Flower
1804-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $30.00
1804-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $32.00
1804-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $35.00
Cole Banjo Fretboard & Peg Head Inlay Sets
4105-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $100.00
4105-G Gold MOP, Pre-Engraved $105.00
Compass Rose Peg Head Inlay
1782-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $50.00
Crown Inlay
1786-W White MOP $27.00
1786-G Gold MOP $30.00
1786-P Paua Abalone $37.00
Peg Head Inlay
1769-WG Style A: White MOP & Gold MOP $18.00
1770-WG Style B: White MOP & Gold MOP $18.00
Fret Board set inlay
2545-WG Style A: White MOP & Gold MOP $63.00
2546-WG Style B: White MOP & Gold MOP $63.00
Deer Head Style 1
1666-M Mixed Shell $50.00
Deer Head Style 2
1667-M Mixed Shell $40.00
Deer Tracks Fret Board Inlays
2513-W White MOP $65.00
2513-G Gold MOP $68.00
2513-Bz Bronze MOP $70.00
2513-B Black MOP $70.00
2513-P Paua Abalone $75.00
DePaule Deco Stone Sets - Peg Head & Fret Board Inlay Sets
5029-WT White MOP & Tibetan Turquoise Re-Con Stone $100.00
5029-GJ Gold MOP & Arizona Jade Re-Con Stone $100.00
Dragon & Crystal Ball
1774-W White & Gold MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $50.00
1774-G Gold & White MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $50.00
1774-P Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP With Red Coral Re-Con Stone $60.00
Enhanced Dot’s set Fretboard
2101-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $62.00
2101-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $64.00
2101-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $70.00
2101-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $66.00
Epiphone Recording Fret Board
4104-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $90.00
4104-G Gold MOP, Pre-Engraved $100.00
Evergreen Moon Inlay
1810-W White MOP $28.00
1810-G Gold MOP $32.00
1810-P Paua Abalone $33.00
1810-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $45.00
1810-WJade White MOP & Imperial Jade Re-Con Stone $40.00
Fairbanks/Vega Double Gryphon Peg Head
4103-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $80.00
4103-G Gold MOP, Pre-Engraved $90.00
Flaming Skulls Peg Head Inlays
3705-WR Right Facing, Open Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3706-WL Left Facing, Open Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3707-WGR Right Facing, Open Mouth, White and Gold MOP $55.00
3708-WGL Left Facing, Open Mouth, White and Gold MOP $55.00
3709-WR Right Facing, Closed Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3710-WL Left Facing, Closed Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3711-WGR Right Facing, Closed Mouth, White and Gold MOP $55.00
3712-WGL Left Facing, Closed Mouth, White and Gold MOP $55.00
Fleur De Lis Style C (35mm X 39mm)
3011-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $38.00
3011-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $42.00
3011-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $40.00
Flying Duck
1646-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $50.00
Flying Ducks & Moon
1793-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $40.00
1793-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $45.00
Flying Skull Wings Style 1
1796-W White MOP $40.00
1796-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $43.00
Flying Skull Wings Style 2
1806-W White MOP & Black MOP $50.00
1806-WG White, Gold & Black MOP $55.00
French Style Dragon Peghead
1795-W White MOP $55.00
1795-M Mixed Shell $65.00
Grape Vine Peghead
1833-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $70.00
Hibiscus and Leaves Peghead
1812-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $39.00
1812-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $41.00
One Color
3721-W White MOP $40.00
3721-G Gold MOP $44.00
3721-P Paua Abalone $53.00
Two Color
3721-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $50.00
3721-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $50.00
3721-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $56.00
Howling Wolf & Moon Style 3
3722-W White MOP $30.00
3722-G Gold MOP $34.00
3722-P Paua Abalone $43.00
Killer Whale
1798-BW Black MOP & White MOP $30.00
Lightning Bolt Inlays
1807-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $21.00
1807-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $23.00
1807-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $25.00
1807-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $28.00
Lightning Moon Inlays
1808-1 White & Gold MOP, Paua Abalone $37.00
1808-2 Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $40.00
1808-3 White MOP & Paua Abalone $42.00
1808-4 Paua Abalone & White MOP $47.00
Lilly Peghead
1799-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $48.00
Soprano Rosette
1461-Sop Mixed Shell $55.00
Concert Rosette
1461-Con Mixed Shell $60.00
Tenor Rosette
1461-Ten Mixed Shell $65.00
1800-W White MOP $30.00
1800-G Gold MOP $32.00
1800-P Paua Abalone $37.00
Lotus Pad
1830-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $40.00
Lotus Pond
1801-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $45.00
1801-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $48.00
Medicine Wheel
1785-W White MOP $38.00
1785-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $44.00
Modern Rosette, Guitar
1459-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $78.00
1459-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $68.00
1459-PG Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $73.00
1459-GP Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $83.00
Moon & Owl
1783-W White MOP $29.00
1783-G Gold MOP $33.00
Moon & Palm
1784-W White MOP $30.00
1784-G Gold MOP $34.00
1784-P Paua Abalone $41.00
Moon phases Fretboard
2100-W White MOP $65.00
2100-G Gold MOP $69.00
2100-P Paua Abalone $75.00
Moon Reflection
1829-W White MOP $32.00
1829-G Gold MOP $35.00
Nautilus Rosette, Guitar
1458-W White MOP $41.00
1458-G Gold MOP $49.00
1458-P Paua Abalone $59.00
1458-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $45.00
1458-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $50.00
1458-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $54.00
New Dragon Peghead
1811-W White MOP $30.00
1811-G Gold MOP $33.00
1811-P Paua Abalone $40.00
White Ivory Pearl With two kinds of Green Re-Con Stone
5056-Wi White Ivory Pearl $110.00
Pink MOP With two kinds of Green Re-Con Stone
5056-Pi Pink MOP $110.00
North West Indian Eagle Design
1802-W White MOP $35.00
1802-P Paua Abalone $40.00
1802-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $48.00
North West Indian Orca Design
1788-W White MOP $35.00
1788-P Paua Abalone $40.00
1788-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $45.00
North West Indian Salmon Design
1797-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $45.00
Nouveau Nude Peg Head Inlay
5015-W White MOP $50.00
5015-G Gold MOP $52.00
5015-M Mixed Shell $57.00
Orca style 1
1787-BW Black MOP & White MOP $40.00
Palm Tree Peg Head
#1825-W White MOP $45.00
#1825-P Paua Abalone $60.00
Soprano Rosette
1460-Sop-W White MOP $50.00
1460-Sop-G Gold MOP $52.00
Concert Rosette
1460-Con-W White MOP $55.00
1460-Con-G Gold MOP $57.00
Tenor Rosette
1460-Ten-W White MOP $60.00
1460-Ten-G Gold MOP $62.00
1803-M Mixed Shell $48.00
Peg Head
1815-W White MOP $40.00
1815-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $50.00
1815-BW White MOP & Black MOP $53.00
1815-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $60.00
1816-W White MOP $90.00
1816-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $100.00
1816-BW White MOP & Black MOP $105.00
1816-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $113.00
Plumera Flower Inlay
1805-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $28.00
1805-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $32.00
1805-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $33.00
RB - 7 Banjo Peg Head Inlay
4109-W White MOP $23.00
4109-G Gold MOP $27.00
RB -12 Fret Board Inlay Set
4111-W White MOP $70.00
4111-G Gold MOP $73.00
4111-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Rider on Horse
1827-W White MOP $27.00
1827-P Paua Abalone $38.00
Sea Turtle Fretboard Set
2103-W White MOP $75.00
2103-G Gold MOP $80.00
2103-P Paua Abalone $90.00
Sea Turtles Design
1794-W White MOP $38.00
1794-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $50.00
Seagull Moon peghead
1813-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $55.00
1813-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $63.00
Silver Tone Fret Board Inlay Sets
2033-W White MOP $70.00
2033-G Gold MOP $73.00
2033-P Paua Abalone $80.00
2033-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $72.00
2033-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $75.00
2033-WPH White MOP & Paua Abalone Heart $73.00
2033-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $77.00
Sparrow Peg Head
1828-GB Gold MOP & Black MOP $55.00
1828-PB Black MOP & Paua Abalone $65.00
Streaming Skulls
3701-WR Right Facing, Closed Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3702-WL Left Facing, Closed Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3703-WR Right Facing, Open Mouth, White MOP $55.00
3704-WL Left Facing, Open Mouth, White MOP $55.00
Three Humming Birds Peg Head Inlay
1745-W White MOP $45.00
1745-G White MOP & Gold MOP $47.00
1745-P Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $53.00
Three Humming Birds Fret Board Inlay
2530-W White MOP $70.00
2530-G White MOP & Gold MOP $72.00
2530-P Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $80.00
Tribal Turtle
1834-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $35.00
1834-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $38.00
1834-W White MOP $33.00
1834-P Paua Abalone $39.00
Troubadour Peg Head
#1822-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $70.00
#1822-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone, Pre-Engraved $85.00
#1822-M Mixed Shell $85.00
Washburn Fretboard
#2102 White MOP, Pre-Engraved $85.00
Peg Head
1814-PH Paua Abalone & White MOP $65.00
1814-FB Paua Abalone & White MOP $135.00
Turtle Wave
1826-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $35.00
1826-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $35.00
Turtle Wave Style 2
1835-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $35.00
1835-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $38.00
Vega Dragon Peg Head
4096-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $95.00
4096-G Gold MOP, Pre-Engraved $101.00
Western Dragon Fret Board Set
5050-A Style A Paua Ab, White & Gold MOP, Re-Con Stone Head $175.00
5050-B Style B Paua Ab, White & Gold MOP, Paua Ab Heart Head $175.00
Style A
1777-W All White MOP $50.00
Style B
1777-WB White & Black MOP, Paua Abalone Eye $55.00


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DePaule Supply USA has been the major supplier for luthiers (Stringed Instrument Makers, Guitar Builders) of Shell Blanks, Custom Shell Inlay Work, Custom Shell Logos, Pre-Cut and Pre-Engraved Shell Inlays since March of the year 2000. Owned and operated by Sam & Buddy Lee DePaule since September 2011. 
We are still able to have shell Inlays and Shell Blanks sold and shipped overseas from our affiliate office in Viet Nam.
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