Instant Inlays Application


Part 1

Thanks for your interest in our Instant Inlays. Here we’ll go through the steps for applying our sticker overlays to a finished Headstock. Our Instant Inlays come on a square two layer card, paper on the bottom layer, a clear film top layer and the shell overlay in between. In certain cases you may need to remove the strings but here we’ll show you how to apply the overlay without removing any hardware.

Firstly, for proper fit and application, if necessary you’ll need to carefully cut down the paper and film to size. Here we are applying the 3D Star, so we’ll cut off all unnecessary excess paper and film so we can get the overlay easily into place.


Part 2

After having the Instant Inlay cut down and the positioning figured out. It is now safe to peel off the bottom layer of paper, exposing the underside of the overlay. Please Note* this bottom side is extremely sticky and should be avoided from touching any surface other than the intended application surface. Touching the underside of the overlay may peel off the overlay from the clear application film. Should this happen, stay calm, and with utmost care peel off the overlay from your finger, avoiding the sticky underside and reapply the overlay to the clear film. Again, Do Not Touch the underside of the Instant Inlay!


Part 3

Applying the Instant Inlay is as easy as any other sticker but it must be done with great care, because you’ll only have one chance to get it right. Once the Instant Inlay is applied, it is impossible to take off without damaging the Instant Inlay. By eye, position the overlay on the desired surface, being careful not to touch the sticky underside to the instrument until you are ready to apply. Again Please Note, the underside of the Instant Inlay is extremely sticky. So take your time in applying.


Part 4

Once the Instant Inlay is applied, press down with light pressure onto the overlay to assure a nice adhesion.
Than you can safely pull away the clear film. 



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