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Bear Peg Head Inlays
1671-W White MOP $25.00
1671-G Gold MOP $28.00
1671-P Paua Abalone $32.00
Bear Tracks Fret Board Inlays
1672-W White MOP $70.00
1672-G Gold MOP $73.00
1672-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
1672-P Paua Abalone $80.00



Our design for the tracks as well as the bear silouette similar to the one in the California flag.

How to remove and transfer inlays from the mounting board to where they will be inlaid.

The information you need can be found on this page of out web site;


Please use these directions to avoid breakage and keep multi section inlays together during the transfer process.

These tracks are a little tricky because of the small sections. Best going into an ebony board.

Most inlays come to you attached to cardboard with a water based glue (Like Elmers School Glue) to be easy to remove by soaking in warm or hot water.

The boards are also shrink wrapped to be sure that if any section should come to you loose in the package during shipping they will remain within the shrink wrap.

These tracks are a little tricky because of the small sections. Best going into an ebony board.

.1. Route an area that will take all sections of each position inlay. 

.2. Place the sections carefully and spot glue with superglue. 

.3. Fill the empty spaces with two ton epoxy dyed black and sand level after 24 hours.

(Never use 5 minute epoxy for inlays)


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