Item Availability

Most products shown here on this web site are in stock and ready for shipping from our two locations. However, with about seven thousand definable products some may be out of stock when you order. Although we try our best to keep everything in stock, that has never been possible. If this happens with your order we will endeavor to make and ship that product to you within two weeks of your order date. If this is not acceptable to you, we will be happy to refund just that part of your order or your whole order, whichever is your preference.

You may wish to first send us an e-mail list of items requested and we can check availability.
If so, be sure to let us know if you are a USA customer or an international customer as that will determine where your product is shipped from.

Thank you for your understanding.
3-D Stars, 1.75"
1606-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $26.00
1606-WB White MOP & Black MOP $28.00
1606-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $33.00
3-D Stars, 1"
1607-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $24.00
1607-WB White MOP & Black MOP $26.00
1607-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $30.00
3-D Stars, 0.625"
1608-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $22.00
1608-WB White MOP & Black MOP $24.00
1608-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $28.00
3-D Moon & Shooting Star
1609-W White MOP $58.00
1609-G Gold MOP $62.00
1609-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $61.00
1609-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $66.00
3-D Stars Fret Board Inlay Sets
2521-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $70.00
2521-WB White MOP & Black MOP $78.00
2521-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $85.00
Beach Bum Ped Head Inlay
1775-W White MOP $30.00
1775-G Gold MOP $32.00
1775-P Paua Abalone $37.00
Beach Bum Fret Board Inlay
2536-W White MOP $70.00
2536-G Gold MOP $73.00
2536-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Big Leaf Maple Fret Board Inlay Sets
2505-W White MOP $70.00
2505-G Gold MOP $73.00
2505-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2505-P Paua Abalone $80.00
2505-RC Red Coral Re-Con Stone $73.00
Celtic Clover Knot Fret Board Inlay Sets
2306-W White MOP $75.00
2306-G Gold MOP $79.00
2306-B Black MOP $83.00
2306-P Paua Abalone $90.00
Chinese Character Fret Board Inlay Set
2504-W White MOP $70.00
2504-G Gold MOP $73.00
2504-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Cross Fret Board Inlay Sets
2531-W White MOP $65.00
2531-G Gold MOP $68.00
2531-P Paua Abalone $75.00
2531-PH Paua Abalone Heart $65.00
Peg Head Inlay
1769-WG Style A: White MOP & Gold MOP $18.00
1770-WG Style B: White MOP & Gold MOP $18.00
Fret Board set inlay
2545-WG Style A: White MOP & Gold MOP $63.00
2546-WG Style B: White MOP & Gold MOP $63.00
Deer Track Fret Board Inlays
2513-W White MOP $70.00
2513-G Gold MOP $73.00
2513-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2513-B Black MOP $75.00
2513-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Disappearing Pyramid Fretboard Inlay Set
2538-W All White MOP $65.00
2538-M Paua Abalone, White & Gold MOP $71.00
Dolphin Peg Head Inlay
1685-W White MOP & Paua Abalone Eye $30.00
1685-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone Belly & Eye $33.00
1685-P Paua Abalone & White MOP Eye $40.00
1685-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP Belly & Eye $43.00
Dolphin Fret Board Inlay
2518-W White MOP & Paua Abalone Eye $70.00
2518-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone Belly & Eye $73.00
2518-P Paua Abalone & White MOP Eye $80.00
2518-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP Belly & Eye $83.00
The Walking Elephant Peghead Inlay
1673-M Black MOP, White MOP Tusks, Paua Abalone Eye $60.00
The Elephant Head Peghead Inlay
1674-M Black MOP, White MOP Tusks, Paua Abalone Eye $60.00
Elephant Sets Fret Board Inlay Sets
2533-W White MOP $70.00
2533-G Gold MOP $73.00
2533-B Black MOP $75.00
2533-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Enhanced Dot’s set Fretboard
2101-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $62.00
2101-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $64.00
2101-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $70.00
2101-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $66.00
Falling (Tumbling) Leaf Inlay Sets
2537-W White MOP $70.00
2537-G Gold MOP $73.00
2537-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2537-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Flying “V” Fret Board Sets, Style A
2527-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $65.00
2527-WB White MOP & Black MOP $68.00
2527-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $73.00
Flying “V” Fret Board Sets, Style B
2528-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $65.00
2528-WB White MOP & Black MOP $68.00
2528-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $73.00
Peg Head Inlays
1761-W White MOP $18.00
1761-G Gold MOP $19.00
1761-P Paua Abalone $22.00
Fret Board Set
2542-W White MOP $68.00
2542-G Gold MOP $71.00
2542-P Paua Abalone $78.00
Galloping Horse Fret Board Set
1776-W White MOP $70.00
1776-G Gold MOP $73.00
1776-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Gecko Fret Board Inlay Sets
2512-W White MOP $70.00
2512-G Gold MOP $73.00
2512-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2512-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Japanese Maple Leaf Fret Board Inlay Sets
2507-PW Paua Abalone & White MOP $80.00
2507-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $80.00
2507-PkP Pink MOP & Paua Abalone $80.00
2507-GW Gold MOP & White MOP $73.00
Left & Right Facing Dove Inlay Sets
2511-W White MOP $70.00
2511-G Gold MOP $73.00
2511-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Left Facing Dove Inlay Sets
2510-W White MOP $70.00
2510-G Gold MOP $73.00
2510-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Lightning Fret Board Inlay Sets
2501-W White MOP $55.00
2501-G Gold MOP $57.00
Lotus Fret Board & Peg Head Guitar Inlay Set
2506-W White MOP $70.00
2506-G Gold MOP $73.00
2506-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Lucky Clover Peg Head Inlays
4098-W White MOP $40.00
4098-G Gold MOP $43.00
4098-P Paua Abalone $50.00
Lucky Clover Fret Board Inlay Sets
4099-W White MOP $75.00
4099-G Gold MOP $78.00
4099-P Paua Abalone $85.00
Maltese Cross Fret Board & Peg Head Inlay Set
2532-W White MOP $65.00
2532-G Gold MOP $67.00
2532-B Black MOP $69.00
2532-P Paua Abalone $73.00
Moon phases Fretboard
2100-W White MOP $65.00
2100-G Gold MOP $69.00
2100-P Paua Abalone $75.00
Large Size
2516-W White MOP $65.00
2516-G Gold MOP $68.00
2516-P Paua Abalone $75.00
Small Size
2517-W White MOP $55.00
2517-G Gold MOP $58.00
2517-P Paua Abalone $65.00
Peg Head
1815-W White MOP $40.00
1815-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $50.00
1815-BW White MOP & Black MOP $53.00
1815-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $60.00
1816-W White MOP $90.00
1816-BzW White MOP & Bronze MOP $100.00
1816-BW White MOP & Black MOP $105.00
1816-PW White MOP & Paua Abalone $113.00
Rose Bud Fret Board Inlays
2536-GP Gold MOP & Paua Abalone $77.00
2536-PkP Pink MOP & Paua Abalone $77.00
2536-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $77.00
2536-W All White MOP $70.00
Sea Turtle Fretboard Set
2103-W White MOP $75.00
2103-G Gold MOP $80.00
2103-P Paua Abalone $90.00
Skull Fret Board Inlay Set
2535-W White MOP $65.00
2535-G Gold MOP $67.00
2535-P Paua Abalone $75.00
Style A Inverted Diamond Fret Board Set
2522-W White MOP $55.00
2522-G Gold MOP $58.00
2522-P Paua Abalone $63.00
Style B Inverted Diamond Fret Board Set
2526-W White MOP $55.00
2526-G Gold MOP $58.00
2526-P Paua Abalone $63.00
Swallows Fret Board Inlay Sets
2508-W White MOP $70.00
2508-G Gold MOP $73.00
2508-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2508-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Thunder & Lightning Peghead & Fretboard Set
2500-W All White MOP $70.00
2500-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $73.00
2500-BG Black Sunburst & Gold MOP $79.00
Tiger, Lion, Panther, Cat Tracks
1679-W White MOP $70.00
1679-G Gold MOP $73.00
1679-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
1679-P Paua Abalone $80.00
Two Tone Swallow Fret Board Inlay Sets
2509-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $80.00
2509-BzG Bronze & Gold MOP $83.00
2509-PG Paua Abalone & Gold MOP $88.00
2509-PC Paua Abalone & Red Coral Re-Con Stone $88.00
Wolf, Fox, Dog Tracks
2514-W White MOP $70.00
2514-G Gold MOP $73.00
2514-Bz Bronze MOP $75.00
2514-B Black MOP $75.00
2514-P Paua Abalone $80.00


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DePaule Supply USA has been the major supplier for luthiers (Stringed Instrument Makers, Guitar Builders) of Shell Blanks, Custom Shell Inlay Work, Custom Shell Logos, Pre-Cut and Pre-Engraved Shell Inlays since March of the year 2000. Owned and operated by Sam & Buddy Lee DePaule since September 2011. 
We are still able to have shell Inlays and Shell Blanks sold and shipped overseas from our affiliate office in Viet Nam.
We reserve the right to change our designs in Style or Size at any time.
We also reserve the right to delete items from our inventory offerings at any time.

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