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Bass Elegant Block Fret Board
2807-WP White MOP & Paua Abalone $115.00
2807-WPH White MOP & Paua Abalone Heart $85.00
2807-WG White MOP & Gold MOP $100.00



These 4 String Bass Guitar block style inlays are sized as shown here;

1st Fret, 23mm Wide X 35.5mm Tall

3rd Fret, 25.5mm Wide X 31mm Tall

5th Fret, 27.5mm Wide X 26.5mm Tall

7th Fret, 29.5mm Wide X 23mm Tall

9th Fret, 31mm Wide X 19.5mm Tall

12th Fret, 33.5mm Wide X 14.5mm Tall

15th Fret, 35mm Wide X 11mm Tall

17th Fret, 36mm Wide X 9mm Tall

19th Fret, 37mm Wide X 7mm Tall

21st Fret, 38mm Wide X 5mm Tall

How to remove and transfer inlays from the mounting board to where they will be inlaid.

The information you need can be found on this page of out web site;


Please use this to avoid breakage.

Most inlays come to you attached to a card board with a water based glue like Elmers School Glue to be easy to remove by soaking.

They are then shrink wrapped to be sure that if any should come to you loose in the package during shipping they will remain within the shrink wrap.


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