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Fairbanks/Vega Double Gryphon Peg Head
4103-W White MOP, Pre-Engraved $80.00
4103-G Gold MOP, Pre-Engraved $90.00



Traditional Banjo Inlay Set.
Pre Engraved and needs to be inlaid flush to avoid sanding through the engraving.
Pre-Engraved inlays must be inlaid flush with the surface. 
Not an easy project for a beginner.
They can not be used on a surface with a radius because you will lose the engraving when you grind the radius.
The best way to inlay these is to follow the steps described here: 

1:  Cut the pockets for the inlays just a little tad deeper than the thickness Of the Inlay. 
2:  Place Epoxy glue (Dyed black if you are going into ebony) in the pocket. Use enough so that you will get just a little squeeze out when the inlay is pressed flush. 
3:  Use a small square of 1/4" Glass or Plexi-Glass as a clamping caul. 
4:  Place the inlay in the pocket, but do not apply pressure yet. 
5:  Apply some candle wax or bar soap to the clamping caul and place the caul onto the inlay. 
6:  Using a clamp, apply pressure to the inlay until it is flush with the final surface. 
7:  Let the Epoxy Glue set for 24 to 48 Hours. (Two Ton Epoxy, Not the 5 Minute junk) 
8:  After the glue has set, take the caul off and carefully scrape and sand around the edges of the inlay to remove all the excess glue squeeze out. be careful not to sand the engraving as it is very shallow and can be sanded away. 


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