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Style B Truss Rod Covers
6013-W White MOP $18.00
6013-Wf White MOP Figured $22.00
6013-G Gold MOP $22.00
6013-B Black MOP $24.00
6013-P Paua Abalone $26.00
6013-PWB Paua Abalone, White & Black MOP Arrow Stripe $35.00



Shown are many designs.

We try to have a good selection in stock at all times.

Please call to see what is available.

Special Orders take about 4 weeks to make and ship


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Sam & Buddy Lee DePaule
3849 Shenstone Drive
Eugene, OR 97404


DePaule Supply USA has been the major supply for luthiers (Stringed Instrument Makers, Guitar Builders) of Shell Blanks, Custom Shell Inlay Work, Custom Shell Logos, Pre-Cut and Pre-Engraved Shell Inlays since March of the year 2000. Owned and operated by Sam & Buddy Lee DePaule since September 2011. 
We are still able to have shell Inlays and Shell Blanks sold and shipped overseas from our affiliate office in Viet Nam.
We reserve the right to change our designs in Style or Size at any time.
We also reserve the right to delete items from our inventory offerings at any time.

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C. Andy DePaule
Quan 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Viet Nam

By Appointment Only